Pressure vs Time Graph by Steve Altman

Guest post today is from Steve Altman. Steve is a Petroleum Engineer and is President of Brown and Borelli Oil and Gas.

This is pretty technical, but it shows credibility for any oil and gas entity.

Pressure vs Time


Vieth Unit 1-32, NW SW Section 32 T18N R6W) got hit by an offset Mississippi frac (OEA Farrar 1806 1-32MH, API# 073-25561; estimate 1980’ between vertical and horizontal wellbores).  Looks like it may have been hit by two stages (See attached pressure chart).  Definite bleed off of pressure after the frac.

Fluid level dropped in the well.

We will start pumping to check for water increase and production decrease.

One section to the west, two wells hit last month that we have previously discussed:

The F. L. Towne 31-1 is still making significant water (56 BWPD) with no oil and decreasing gas (down to 4 MCF/D) (It was making 4 BO, 3 BW, 23 MCFG/D).  It was hit hard.

The Towne 31-2 has seen an increase in oil (3.5 to 5 BOPD) but a larger increase in water (8 BWPD to 21 BWPD) and a decrease in gas (57 MCF/D to 39 MCF/D).