Rhino Peck – Blaine County

Rhinos Peck in STACK country operates 4 wells, sections 27 and 28-16N-10W in Blaine County.  Two have been blown up by a single DVN horizontal well (Kraken) in section 28.  Below is a picture and video of the frac sand blown out of our water tank (Peck 1-28 location).

Rhinos Peck 1-28 blew out during a nearby Devon frack. This well was hit with over 3000 psi of pressure. (Wellhead connections are usually 125psi test.) This is the second time Devon had fracked into this well – from another frack job.

This happened despite Rhinos Protest of The permitting of the well at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. They were told no matter what they said the well would be permitted. The day before the frack they served Devon legal notice to not commence the fracking operation and that to do so would instigate another trespass.