Oil, gas associations consider merging organizations, message

Jack Money | NewsOK

More than one election is planned in Oklahoma next week.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, fewer than 2,000 members of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association will consider whether to combine their organization with the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association.

Together, the groups would represent more than 1,000 upstream and midstream companies that operate in Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas fields.

Backers of the proposal, already approved by both organizations’ boards, say the combination would strengthen and unify their message that the industry is important to the state and its economy.

Cody Bannister, the OIPA’s communications vice president, said it has about 2,000 members who represent 1,200 public and private oil and gas companies “actively investing capital in Oklahoma today.”

Chad Warmington, president of the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association, said his organization has 80 larger active upstream and midstream companies, plus refiners, as members.

Both Warmington and Bannister said many companies belong to both, and added that both have been pursuing similar agendas on behalf of their members, especially recently. Both groups have sought support for updated drilling and completion procedures, including longer laterals. They also have opposed oil and natural gas tax increases and challenged subsidies for wind energy production.

Both organizations also have long histories.

The OIPA, meanwhile, was formed in 1955.

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