OEPA embarks on “Lunch and Learn” tour across the state

When we started building OEPA just a year ago, we had one goal: to protect conventional producers in Oklahoma at the state capitol, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and in the courts. That goal is the sole mission of OEPA and it is energizing producers and industry friends across the state.
The OEPA Board of Directors has embarked on a “Lunch and Learn” state tour telling those in cities and small communities across Oklahoma about our mission and how we must all work together to ensure a brighter tomorrow for generations ahead. We have been reaching out to those in the oil and gas industry, and even more so- those who are not in the industry on why we were formed, how we were formed, and simply: what we are doing. Not only do we want to hear the concerns of our industry friends and neighbors, but our goal is to attract members and form partnerships with those other likeminded individuals and organizations.
We had our first luncheon in Cleveland, OK last month and were shocked when over 50 people showed up. That told us something. It told us that oil and gas producers around the state are looking for someone to appreciate the problems they are facing. Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance wants to be that organization to stand up for our fellow conventional producers.
We have already had two more luncheons this week. The first, in Oklahoma City, where we were honored to host all 3 Corporation Commissioners, along with numerous producers and non-industry friends. The second, in Tulsa, where we hosted over 15 legislators along with members of OEPA and prospective members.
Our plan is to have one “Lunch and Learn” per month in different communities throughout Oklahoma. Stay tuned- we are coming to your town soon!