OIPA demands Dewey Bartlett Jr.s Resignation

The Disintegration of a Petroleum Association


Dewey F. Bartlett Jr. Is a lifetime OIPA board member, former mayor of Tulsa, Former Chairman of OIPA, Former Chairman of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, former Chairman of the National Stripper Well Association and a leader in the Oil and Gas industry in America. For OIPA to demand that he resign his “lifetime” position on the board would be like asking Will Rogers children to give up their Oklahoma heritage.


Dewey Bartlett Sr. was the Governor and U.S. Senator of Oklahoma as well as a founding board member of the OIPA. The late Senator Bartlett coined the term “stripper well” in the American consciousness and passed significant legislation to save Oklahoma’s valuable natural resources.

We have no quarrel with the OIPA, even though we disagree on their responsibility to our state and to its conventional legacy producers. We might suggest they change their name to more adequately reflect who they represent to the “Oklahoma Horizontal Well Association.”


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