Trans Pacific Oil

Trans Pacific Oil Corporation is an independent operator based out of Wichita, KS. In the past 5 years, we have expanded our operations into Oklahoma, and have recently been drug into the fight to protect our vertical wells from invasive and potentially harmful horizontal frac damages and drainage.

Our fight came in the form of horizontal spacing, increased density and location exception applications filed by BCE-Mach that would overlay existing 40 acre spacing units. Trans Pacific already operated 3 producing vertical wells on these 40 acre spacing units.

BCE-Mach filed the applications in hopes that it would be permitted to drill a horizontal well in the same common source of supply that Trans Pacific’s vertical wells are producing from, essentially steering their wellbore straight through the middle of our lease. This plot map provided by BCE-Mach depicts the well bore in relation to TPOC’s vertical wells in the SE/4 Sec. 34. In response, TPOC protested the three applications and a waiver of consent application that was filed when BCE-Mach was unable to obtain the consent of 50% or more of the working interest owners in our lease to drill the well.

Despite being a small operator with 21 employees, TPOC dedicated the time and effort to port forth the best case possible using an in-house geologist, engineer and landman. Despite facing a much larger company with the type of name recognition that Tom Ward brings at the OCC, TPOC’s protest succeeded and the applications were denied. Here is a copy of the report of the ALJ.