Seminole Nation 2020 Letter Proposing Severance Fee on Production

We have been notified that members in the Seminole Nation area have received a letter proposing an 8% severance fee on production. See the letter HERE. This is the same letter that the Seminole Nation sent out 2 years ago and we still have the same opinion as before – this request is still not valid.
We want you to know that we are consulting with our attorney, House & Senate leadership, Congressional offices, the Attorney General, and the Governor’s office to oppose this overreach by the Seminole Nation, and to protect the interests of the small, family-owned businesses.
We also plan to work with other like-minded associations on this matter. We are taking this VERY seriously and will report back. As soon as we have a legal opinion, we will be sharing it with you. If our opinion or analysis changes at any time, you’ll be notified immediately.