Public support requires industry transparency and accountability

Whatever differences exist between different interest in the oil and gas industry, the one common goal that we should all have is to be well regarded by the American public.

Two of our board members Mike Cantrell and Pete Brown, who were the agency’s first and second Chairmen, are widely regarded as the co-founders of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board.

In 1993 along with many other energy leaders like Jim Stafford, the President/Founder of the National Association of Royalty Owners, and Mickey Thompson the President of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association petitioned the Oklahoma legislature to create the OERB.

We have many board members who have also served on the OERB board, with Dewey Bartlett and David House also serving as OERB Board Chairmen.

The OERB’s primary mission was and still is building a solid, open, and positive relationship with the Oklahoma public.

That task has been largely successful. Thru the OERB we have cleaned up over 15,000 historical damage sites. Working arm in arm with the Oklahoma Department of education we created an unbiased,scientifically-based energy curriculum for all students and provided much needed science resources as well.

And since its beginning, the OERB has continuously communicated with the public about important issues affecting all Oklahomans in relation to the oil and natural gas industry.

We at the Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance are committed to keeping alive the tradition of leaving all industry disagreements completely separate from the discussions and work of the OERB.

It has never and should never be used to promote any segments own political purposes.

There are many current issues, like earthquakes being linked to oil and gas activity,  that We are quite certain the OERB board is doing its very best to continue that tradition by transparently communicating with the Oklahoma public.

We are committed to communicating openly and honestly with the public on issues related to the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma.

We are confident that the OERB Will continue to get better and to lead in its important role as the industry’s liaison with the public.