OEPA Asking The OCC To Curtail Production Of Oil

As you all know, the OEPA recently sent a letter to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and filed an application for hearing. The hearing date has now been set for May 11th at 9:30am.

We are asking that each OEPA member contact the Corporation Commissioners in support of our application filed at the OCC to support President Trump’s efforts to curtail U.S. production of oil. We are NOT asking them to prohibit the sale of oil under conditions of waste. We are asking them to support the President by using allowables, pro-rationing, or other means available to them.

Please send a letter/email and/or call each commissioner asking for their support. Please send a receipt of your message to OEPA at oepa@okenergyproducers.org.

The 3 Commissioners are listed below with their contact information.


Sample text:
Dear Commissioner,

My company, my family and my employee’s families are hurting. We desperately need you to take action that is already set in your statute. We believe it is necessary to support our action filed to support President Trump’s efforts to curtail U.S. production of oil.

-your name/company/city


Written comments should include Cause CD No. 202000984 and be copied and sent to: Court Clerk’s Office, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, P.O. Box 52000, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73152-2000

Corporation Commissioners

Todd Hiett
(405) 521-2264

Bob Anthony
(405) 521-2261

Dana Murphy
(405) 521-2267

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