OCC OEPA Waste Case & Levinson Case

Richard Parrish | OEPA Regulatory Affairs 

The Corporation Commissioners took up deliberation/discussion/consideration of the above-referenced cases today.  The Commissioners took up the LPD Energy (Levinson case) first.  After a very brief discussion, they approved the order, attached. The LPD Order is substantially the same as the previous interim order entered in that case.

They next took up OEPA’S case. It was noted that proposed orders had been submitted by OEPA and Kaiser Francis Oil Company that was substantially the same. The Commissioners then held a brief discussion. Commissioner Murphy indicated that the OEPA proposed order was not necessary as there was not much difference in the OEPA proposed order and the Order they approved in the LPD case adequately addressed the issue. Commissioner Murphy further noted that the OEPA case as filed requested prorationing but OEPA changed its requested relief. Chairman Hiett stated that he was uncomfortable with the declaration that waste was occurring as stated in the OEPA proposed order. Chairman Hiett further suggested that the OEPA case be tabled, making it dead but revivable if the Applicant wanted to continue working on the matter. Commissioner Anthony suggested that the matter be laid over to a future date. Commissioner Hiett then announced that the OEPA case was tabled for today to be taken up next week.