Gross Production Tax Resolution

We ask every school board in Oklahoma to take this same action – then follow it up by having those that care about education call their state legislators with one simple message ” restore the gross production tax to 7% for everyone, which is lower than any other state and pay our teachers”


Whereas, Oklahoma has led the nation in cuts to per pupil state aid expenditures since 2008; and

Whereas, Oklahoma teacher salaries rank in the bottom three lowest teacher salaries in the nation; and

Whereas, the State of Oklahoma has experienced repeated revenue failures during the last two years; and

Whereas, for the current 2016-2017 school year education appropriations provided by the Oklahoma State Legislature are $84 million less than what was promised in the common education budget due to revenue failures; and

Whereas, Tulsa Public Schools has received over $30 million in cuts in state aid since 2008; and

Whereas, midyear reductions and shortfalls resulted in an additional $4.5 million dollars less in education funding for the 2016-2017 school year; and

Whereas, further funding reductions are anticipated before the end of this school year; and

Whereas, sustainable and appropriate funding from the State of Oklahoma is crucial to the Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education’s mission to ignite the joy of learning and prepare every student for the greatest success in college, careers and life; and

Whereas, over $1 billion dollars in unnecessary tax breaks to oil and gas companies in the last three years alone have been a contributing factor to the decreased education budget and recurring revenue failures; and

Whereas, eliminating these tax breaks and returning the Gross Production Tax to the historic levels of 7% would yield approximately $500 million in 2018; and

Whereas, the 7% rate would ensure all oil and gas companies are taxed at the same rate and will not decrease oil and gas drilling in Oklahoma because the rate will still be equal or less than all other states in the nation where oil and gas drilling occurs; and

Whereas, immediately returning the Gross Production Tax rate to 7% is the most direct route to avoiding both the impending cuts and to putting the state budget on a sustainable path forward

Now, therefore, be it resolved that we, the members of the Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education, joining with voices from all sectors and throughout the State, hereby do call on members of the legislature of the State of Oklahoma to immediately pass legislation to return the Gross Production Tax to the historic rate of 7% to be effective for all wells on July 1, 2017 and thereby put on us the path for an adequately funded public education system with the resources to pay our teachers an honorable wage and support the most important of our work as a State: preparing every student for the greatest success in college, careers and life.



Dated this 1st day of May, 2017.

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President, Board of Education                                                         Superintendent of Schools


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