Dewey Bartlett Jr.: Need for strong, visionary leadership for today and tomorrow

In the OEPA tradition of leadership in our state our Chairman, Dewey Bartlett offers leadership and vision to our state; beyond the oil and gas industry.

There are several decisions the leaders of our city, county, state and federal governments must make now in order for us to judge their effectiveness as elected leaders. It is not a time to hear about their feelings and shed tears; we all know about difficulties. It is time for them to lead, not only for today, but for our future well-being. Our leaders need to show more than strength in the midst of what is right in front of us. We also need them to have vision beyond this crisis so that our future is secure and prosperous.

Every city in Oklahoma will soon experience a major hit to their only source of operating revenue — sales taxes. Our leaders can do several things. The state government can pass legislation allowing each city to vote to allow property taxation to pay for operational needs. Unless that happens, every municipality will be laying off public employees.

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