Commentary – Being a good neighbor in STACK, SCOOP

Commentary regarding article in Journal Record – Being a good neighbor in STACK, SCOOP

Article in reference:

If the big oil associations really want to be good neighbors they should stop the destruction of the hundreds of vertical wells with their horizontal frack jobs around those communities. While they are at it they should join us in the call to eliminate the special 2% tax rate we all get for new wells and truly fund the schools in those communities.

Looks like they think if they can write a few “puff pieces” about spreading a little money around in the communities where small producers live that they can get their friends and neighbors to “look the other way”. They have obviously stepped up their PR efforts. The image of the industry is important to us as well, and the damage they are causing is hurting that image a lot more than our comments are hurting them. We hope that they will do the right thing, acknowledge the damage to wells belonging to others, acknowledge the environmental damage caused by their actions, and allow the restoration of the 7% tax rate (which is still lower than in any other major producing state) for every producer. We want to find solutions. We want to develop our state’s resources. But we also are committed to developing those resources in concert with the best interest of our state and our fellow Oklahomans.

Good public relations should start with doing good things, not try to gloss over your problems by spreading a few dollars around communities to fool the public into thinking they really are good corporate citizens.