Charted Frack Damage from Steve Altman

Attached is a chart showing the now long term effect (20 months) of the damage done by 2 offset horizontal Mississippi wells on 4 Misener-Hunton (AKA Hunton Dolomite) wells.

As you can see, the well’s production levels have improved over the last 18 months, but not without significant expense (well over $100,000), and certainly not back to their pre-damage levels.

At $45/bbl of oil and $3.00/MCFG, the gross revenue has dropped from $26,862 per month to $12,066 per month, a loss of over $175,000 per year in gross revenue.  The expense increase, just due to handling additional water, is from $20/month to $98/month.  Other expenses, especially regarding the well that had pumping equipment installed, have risen more.

As a reminder, I have attached the BH Pressure chart run on the Wakeman #1 during the Wakeman 1706 6-25MH frac, which clearly shows the frack hit at approximately 220 hours (May 18, 2016).




Production comparisons after offset fracs   (link to Excel spreadsheet)

Wakeman_1_bottom_052016_Quick-Look   (link to PDF chart)