The first of 2 technical conferences on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s proposed rule changes occurred Tuesday. Almost a dozen OEPA members were present! OEPA was well represented among the speakers addressing the Commissioners.

As expected the changes proposed to rules pertaining to disposal wells were a hot topic. OEPA weighed in on the reduction in the maximum injection pressure being reduced from .5 psi per vertical foot to .325 per vertical foot. OEPA also took a strong position against changes to existing rules to address specific problems that the OCC is having with disposal wells in localized areas. These include expanding notice and area of review requirements.

OEPA’s position is that it is unnecessary to make statewide changes to the rules that impact operators and areas of the state where there are no issues. A related issue is the unintended effect that such changes may have on secondary recovery injections wells.

Additionally, among other things, the OCC is proposing changes to the frac notice requirements, including a new form. OEPA has supported the new form, in particular for horizontal fracs. The current proposals also provide tighter notice requirements. OEPA is supportive of these changes, particularly if it also includes providing offset operators with useful information regarding horizontal frac jobs.

The second and last technical conference is scheduled for:

February 26, 2020 @ 10AM
Room 301, OCC
3rd Floor of Jim Thorpe Building
2101 N. Lincoln Boulevard, OKC

OEPA will be attending to represent its members. However, your presence can make a difference. Please attend if you can and speak up if you want to make sure your voice is heard. It will make a difference.

If you cannot attend, please submit any comments and suggestions to

You can view all of the proposed rule changes at the following links: Chapter 5 amendmentChapter 10 amendment.