County commissioners are a great resource for our industry. Below is a letter from all three Kingfisher County Commissioners to OEPA in response to our letter. This acknowledgment of our action is an example of the importance of our industry getting into alignment, not opposition with the state in which we all live; at least in as much as possible.

You can read our letter to the Kingfisher County Commissioners here.

From: Kingfisher County Commissioners
To: Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance

In Re: OEPA letter to the Kingfisher County Commissioners

Dear Mr. Bartlett & Mr. Cantrell,

We would like to thank you for the letter in support you sent. We appreciate that you recognize the role of a County Commissioner and the obligations that office demands.

This was not a fight we anticipated with action was taken to address a single producer’s request to use the right-of-way in this manner. But nonetheless, the consequences of allowing it poses a serious concern for public safety and potentially very costly for the citizens of the County. We believe there is a sensible and reasonable solution to this; to move the lines to private property and create a private contract with the landowner, thus taking the County out of the equation. The County has offered to readdress road-crossing fees across the board in an effort to make this more attainable. To date, those suggestion have been largely dismissed.

We greatly appreciate what your industry has done, not only for Kingfisher County but for the State and Nation. Energy production is so important and we want to see hardworking people like your members continue to succeed. It simply must be done with the utmost consideration for the people it directly impacts.

Thank you again for the support. Your note is greatly appreciated!


The Kingfisher County Commissioners

Keith Schroder, Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners

Ray Shimanek, Vice Chairman

Jeff Moss, Member

See the letter here.