Update as of 3/13/2020


SB1615 by Darcy Jech creates a task force to study and make recommendations regarding the purge in Kingfisher Co. As a result of OEPA efforts, the bill was amended to include “two representatives from different relevant trade associations operating in this state”. The bill passed the Senate with the title on and it is headed to the Senate.


HB1556 by Zack Taylor restructures and defines the duties of the Director of Administration of the OCC. This bill has the support of OEPA. It passed the House with the title off and is headed to the Senate.


SB1232 by Julie Daniels regarding division orders was not heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee by the deadline and is technically dead for this session.


SB1895 by Julie Daniels, which we have described as a “land grab” also wasn’t heard in committee by the deadline and is also technically dead for this session.


David Little, Parker Bowles and David Guest are scheduled to meet with Sen. Lonnie Paxton during the week of March 16th to discuss SB1439, authored by Sen. Paxton. This bill seeks to raise the amount of a surety bond that is required by operators of oil and gas wells in Oklahoma.