Attached please find the latest proposed Corporation Commission (OCC) rules (Chapter 5 amendment, Chapter 10 amendment). Unfortunately, in part, the OCC is reacting to the Blaine County purge (breakout to the surface). Currently the volume of the purge is approximately 6 gallons per minute. The consensus is that the purge is the result of approximately 19 new commercial disposal wells injecting into shallower formations after injection into the Arbuckle was stopped to reduce or prevent earthquakes.

Many nearby operators have been compelled to bear the cost of this investigation. The victims of the pollution, instead of the polluters, are being required to pay for much of the investigation. They have been required to spend money to monitor their wells, dig up their surface casing, run temperature bond logs, etc.even though they are not the cause of the problem.

We at the Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance are working every day with persuade them not to hit the whole state, all operators, with regulations to address a problem in one area.

Two major changes are as follows:

  1. The OCC wants to reduce the allowed injection pressure for new disposal wells from .5 psi to .325 psi per vertical foot to the to the top of the injection zone. This is a reduction of over one third from what can now be requested. For a 2,000-foot disposal well where you are currently allowed 1,000 psi, you would now be limited to 650 psi.
  2. Currently, for disposal wells you have to review an area within up to one-half mile. Under the new rule proposed rule, you may have to identify and review every well within 2 miles.

We need your help and input. Click here for the schedule of hearings. Written comment deadline is February 28th.

Please make your voice heard on this issue. You have the right to attend the technical conferences and make your opinions known. You can also submit your written comments to make your opinions known as follows:

Court Clerk
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
P.O. Box 52000
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2000

Your written comments should reference CAUSE NO. RM 202000003. If you submit written comments, please send a copy to OEPA by mail, or by email, You may also let OEPA know your opinion on these proposed rules. We will make sure your voice is heard.
Best Regards,

OEPA Board of Directors