Committees & 2022 Legislation: Everything you may have missed at OEPA’s latest Lunch & Learn

After 18 months, we were back together for our Lunch & Learns. There was plenty to update attendees on because we have been hard at work between changes with our gas committee, at the legislature and Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC).

Our president, David Little, talked about our recently formed gas committee. When a member needed support with a long list of gas issues, he reached out to us and the gas committee was formed. Now, he is our chairman and doing a wonderful job of growing this task force. Recently, they have been talking with DCP about high line pressures, meters being pulled and lack of maintenance on gathering systems.

As for the upcoming legislative session, we’re ready. Our legislative chairman, David Guest, shared what our plans are for the 2022 session. The legislative committee has been hard at work creating our agenda for the next session, which will be released soon.

On the regulatory front, regulatory chairman Parker Bowles spoke on our efforts at the OCC. We have been working with a task group, created by OCC Chairman Dana Murphy, to discuss extreme weather events surrounding the February (and previous) winter storms. We recently attended a meeting between oil & gas operators and the electric providers to initiate the conversations between the two. This discussion will outline areas that have been identified as having helped create problems for our industry and potential solutions to prevent similar occurrences from happening again.

A special thank you to our sponsors – CompSource Mutual and Evolution Insurance! Joe Kem shared OEPA’s Workers Compensation Program and Stacy Williams educated everyone on the top 3 common workplace safety issues.

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We loved seeing each of you there! Thank you to all those who registered:

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