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Oklahoma’s Future Rests in the Hands of Two Very Different Oil Billionaires

Ben Steverman | Bloomberg Hailing from opposite ends of the ideological spectrum, George Kaiser and Harold Hamm have each invested heavily in the Sooner State. George Kaiser, a 76-year-old Oklahoma banker and oilman giving away almost his entire $10.5 billion fortune, wants higher taxes on his own industry. He’s bankrolling trendy neighborhoods in Tulsa, an early-childhood […]

Oil, gas associations consider merging organizations, message

Jack Money | NewsOK More than one election is planned in Oklahoma next week. On Tuesday and Wednesday, fewer than 2,000 members of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association will consider whether to combine their organization with the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association. Together, the groups would represent more than 1,000 upstream and midstream companies that […]

Lunch & Learns Attract Huge Crowds

In an effort to increase awareness of OEPA and our mission of protecting the small conventional vertical producers and royalty owners, we have been offering a series of Lunch & Learn’s throughout the state in 2018. These luncheons bring together oil and gas producers, vendors and interest holders for a unique experience where they have […]

Point of View: The rest of the story about fracking

The Oklahoman Op-ed by Mike Cantrell, OEPA President   Let’s be clear, horizontal well drilling and fracking have been an economic boon for Oklahoma. It has provided a much-needed lifeline to the oil and gas industry and the Oklahoma economy over the last decade. No reasonable person can be against it as long as it […]

Cantrell: Right-of-way disputes

Journal Record Op-ed by Mike Cantrell, OEPA President   The Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance supports the right of elected county commissioners to determine what is in the best interest of the residents in their respective counties when it comes to the use of the rights of way over which they have jurisdiction. There is a […]

Letter to Kingfisher County Commissioners

Dear Commissioners: On behalf of the Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance (OEPA) we want to express our support of your right, as the duly elected County Commissioners of Kingfisher County, to determine what is in the best interest of the citizens and voters of Kingfisher County. As County Commissioners you have the authority and obligation to […]

Rhino Peck – Blaine County

Rhinos Peck in STACK country operates 4 wells, sections 27 and 28-16N-10W in Blaine County.  Two have been blown up by a single DVN horizontal well (Kraken) in section 28.  Below is a picture and video of the frac sand blown out of our water tank (Peck 1-28 location). Rhinos Peck 1-28 blew out during […]

Restore Oklahoma Now is withdrawing the initiative petition SQ 795

Restore Oklahoma Now is withdrawing the initiative petition SQ 795. OEPA is in concert with RON in withdrawing this petition. OEPA has been the driving force behind this effort; with a lot of support from many others. We know many will be disappointed with this action. However, we believe it is much preferable for our […]