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Mike Harris, another horizontal fracking victim

Mike Harris has worked hard his entire life. He is well respected in the oil and gas community for his knowledge and work ethic. He has managed to accumulate some working interest and a few properties of his own over the years. Now he is watching those that he has depended upon for retirement destroyed […]

Horizontal frac victim Tony Weaver

Tony gives a fair and balanced accounting of what’s happening. None of these guys are willing sellers. It’s shameful that they can be forced to give up property, by the state.  

OEPA in Kingfisher

Here are a few of the decline curves plus the bottom hole pressure survey that shows the actual hit in real time.  The well with the pressure survey (Wakeman) actually got “bumped” (our term) from a November, 2015 frac that caused a loss in oil production (30 BOPM to 5 BOPM) (See decline curve), then […]

Gross Production Tax Resolution

We ask every school board in Oklahoma to take this same action – then follow it up by having those that care about education call their state legislators with one simple message ” restore the gross production tax to 7% for everyone, which is lower than any other state and pay our teachers” RESOLUTION  Whereas, […]

Gilliland/Weaver Wells watered out by Horizontal Wells

Some of our ongoing and growing list of vertical wells being destroyed by horizontal frackers. This list is  Gilliland/Weaver Wells watered out by Horizontal Wells. Steve was the one interviewed on the OETA video series. He was the one in his office.   HZ Well Impact List (Excel spreadsheet)  

Open Letter to OIPA Board

  Gentlemen:   I would like to give you an update on the damage that is being done to small producers in the active horizontal plays in Oklahoma. I am a partner in Cimarron Production Co., Inc., and Brown & Borelli, Inc. The vast majority of our operated production is in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma. We […]