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Improperly Plugged Well

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then this video is worth 10,000 words. This video was filmed close to an old unplugged or improperly plugged hole in Seminole Co., Okla. It was taken 2.5 years ago by an oil field worker on location who said five other wells were hit at the same time. […]

Damage to Vertical Well in McClain County

This video shows the damage that was done to a vertical well by a horizontal frac job in McClain County. In this case, the frac fluid migrated up through the tubing and went into the oil tanks of the vertical operator overflowing them. This is becoming a weekly, if not a daily, occurrence. Why? And […]

Oklahoma shaking cut in half but still tops in Lower 48

AN E&E NEWS PUBLICATION EARTHQUAKES Okla. shaking cut in half but still tops in Lower 48 Mike Soraghan, E&E News reporter Published: Wednesday, January 3, 2018 An earthquake in November 2016 shook the bricks off buildings in Cushing, Okla. Jim Beckel/The Oklahoman via Associated Press The number of earthquakes experienced in Oklahoma dropped more than […]

Deadly H2S gas worrying residents and state regulators

AN E&E NEWS PUBLICATION SAFETY Deadly H2S gas worrying residents, state regulators Mike Soraghan, E&E News reporter Published: Friday, December 15, 2017 Emissions of a potentially deadly gas from wells in one of the country’s hottest oil plays have neighbors worrying about their safety and Oklahoma regulators taking another look at their rules. Foul-smelling hydrogen […]

PLS IRR Scoop Stack Composite

Guest post  – George Aubrey – Petroleum Engineer and President of Trailblazer Energy The players in the SCOOP and STACK plays are touting internal rates of return (IRR) in the 50% to 80% range. What does this really mean AND would a 5% change in the Oklahoma severance tax rate (2% to 7%) make a […]

Restore Oklahoma Now, Inc

Restore Oklahoma Now, Inc.   Press release Oct. 26, 2017   Contact: Mickey Thompson Executive Director Restore Oklahoma Now, Inc. (405) 640-2555   Small oil producers, state educators push for Gross Production Tax ballot initiative  Measure would call for 7 percent GPT, teacher pay increase   OKLAHOMA CITY – An organization representing small independent oil […]

OEPA Oil and Gas Tax Benchmark Analysis

OEPA Oil and Gas Tax Benchmark Analysis The following PowerPoint presentation illustrates research findings conducted by WPA Intelligence in a statewide study among 2018 likely voters in Oklahoma regarding the oil and natural gas industry. Specifically, this research demonstrates strong support for the restoration of the Gross Production Tax to 7% on all oil wells, […]

The Double “Chumping” of Oklahoma

Big oil companies CEOs fly into OKC in their corporate jets and their $5000 Armani suits and hold press conference after press conference boasting about getting 2000-6000 barrel per day wells. They talk about how the Stack and the Scoop are the best plays in America with the lowest breakeven cost ($24.40 per barrel) and […]