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Oklahoma shaking cut in half but still tops in Lower 48

AN E&E NEWS PUBLICATION EARTHQUAKES Okla. shaking cut in half but still tops in Lower 48 Mike Soraghan, E&E News reporter Published: Wednesday, January 3, 2018 An earthquake in November 2016 shook the bricks off buildings in Cushing, Okla. Jim Beckel/The Oklahoman via Associated Press The number of earthquakes experienced in Oklahoma dropped more than […]

Deadly H2S gas worrying residents and state regulators

AN E&E NEWS PUBLICATION SAFETY Deadly H2S gas worrying residents, state regulators Mike Soraghan, E&E News reporter Published: Friday, December 15, 2017 Emissions of a potentially deadly gas from wells in one of the country’s hottest oil plays have neighbors worrying about their safety and Oklahoma regulators taking another look at their rules. Foul-smelling hydrogen […]

PLS IRR Scoop Stack Composite

Guest post  – George Aubrey – Petroleum Engineer and President of Trailblazer Energy The players in the SCOOP and STACK plays are touting internal rates of return (IRR) in the 50% to 80% range. What does this really mean AND would a 5% change in the Oklahoma severance tax rate (2% to 7%) make a […]

Restore Oklahoma Now, Inc

Restore Oklahoma Now, Inc.   Press release Oct. 26, 2017   Contact: Mickey Thompson Executive Director Restore Oklahoma Now, Inc. (405) 640-2555   Small oil producers, state educators push for Gross Production Tax ballot initiative  Measure would call for 7 percent GPT, teacher pay increase   OKLAHOMA CITY – An organization representing small independent oil […]

OEPA Oil and Gas Tax Benchmark Analysis

OEPA Oil and Gas Tax Benchmark Analysis The following PowerPoint presentation illustrates research findings conducted by WPA Intelligence in a statewide study among 2018 likely voters in Oklahoma regarding the oil and natural gas industry. Specifically, this research demonstrates strong support for the restoration of the Gross Production Tax to 7% on all oil wells, […]

The Double “Chumping” of Oklahoma

Big oil companies CEOs fly into OKC in their corporate jets and their $5000 Armani suits and hold press conference after press conference boasting about getting 2000-6000 barrel per day wells. They talk about how the Stack and the Scoop are the best plays in America with the lowest breakeven cost ($24.40 per barrel) and […]

What the 2% rate is costing Okla in tax revenue

Article  in the IHS Drilling Wire Here is an example of what the 2% rate is costing Okla in tax revenue in just 2 sections,- and that’s at $45 oil. This is almost criminal!! It also demonstrates how difficult this is to put in plain language every day Oklahomans can understand. Oklahoma reminds me of the brother Esau […]